Husky Cannabis Pipe multifunctional device designed to smoke weed and oil consumption

Peaches Cannabis Pipe (Pre-Order)


We are excited to announce another cool partnership between Genius Pipe and DoggTalk NFT. DoggTalk NFT already has an expansive collection of real-life utilities featuring cannabis.

“This collaboration with Genius Pipe reflects our mutual commitment to continue curating high-quality products and experiences for our collectors and investors. When you include DoggTalk in your wallet, you can access the enhanced Genius Pipes for an experience that is superior to none,” said Emery Morrison, co-creator of DoggTalk NFT.

Unlike other smoking devices, there’s something elegant about the pocket-sized pipe that
shouldn’t be confused with a vaporizer or bong. The DoggTalk Genius Pipe will feature four
characters from its self-titled NFT collection of carefully curated products.

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DoggTalk NFT is a limited collection where the token doubles as a membership to the world of DoggTalk.