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We at Doggtalk (DTGL), have a long road view of DoggTopia, the Doggs & the Metaverse. Over the next 5 plus years & beyond we want to build a vibrant partnership with companies that want to create value for our community and their own brands. We would like partnerships that can help create value now and in the future for Doggtopia in the Metaverse. We are interested in building partnerships with consumer product brands including streetwear, wine & spirits, food products, software, consumer electronics, gaming, hospitality and resorts, cannabis (THC/CBD), as well as entertainment and other consumer packaged goods. Join us here at the beginning, of this long and exciting future!!!

We believe the leaders of TODAY in this space will drive innovation, consumer and community value as well as excitement  for the next 20 plus years.

We expect from our partners what we expect from ourselves, “COMMIT & DELIVER”.

Marvin Wilcher & Emery Morrison, founders of CampNova Online, along with a great team of creatives, marketers, business managers, production staff, as well as logistic teams who deliver products direct to consumers, will work hard everyday to deliver on value and quality to all of our partners and members.

If you feel your team can bring true value to our community and the larger growing consumer community as we enter Web 3.0 consider joining us in this exciting future.

For more information please send us an email at.

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