Welcome to Doggtalk! Set on an undiscovered planet in the year 2777, Doggtalk takes place on a modern Earth-like planet, known as Planet XXXX, solely ruled by the canines, known as the Doggs. The Doggs came to rule after a meteor crashed onto a 2,500-acre animal preserve, home to thousands of canine. The meteor glowed neon night after night until one Dogg courageously approached the rock and bit into the meteor.

The meteor tasted unappetizing but once ingested, the Dogg began to change and grow. Upon returning to the farm, the Dogg felt sick and rapidly developed a contagious virus which rapidly spread to the other Doggs on the ranch. A month later, all the Doggs developed human-like limbs and intelligence. With these newfound abilities, the Doggs began to communicate and socialize. They rallied and organized.

Unbeknownst to the Doggs, they began to take on the characteristics of their previous human owners who spent a lot of time watching movies. Some of the Doggs were familiar with the crime and mafia films focused on gangs, organized crime and other acts of violence. While other Doggs reminisced on romance films that focused on passion, emotion and affection. As a result, the canines morphed into two types of human archetypes — Gangsters or Lovers.

Naming themselves the Doggs, they became the reign supreme rulers of Planet XXX in 2777 society. After running the humans off the ranch, the Doggs discovered a large cache of Nova Bones (AKA money) and sought to develop a utopian society based on their human reconnaissance and ability to talk. Furthermore, the Doggs flexed their innate understanding of currency and politics to develop and expand their communities, thus Doggtalk was formed.

Every Dogg created its empire of wealth and high profile jobs, making them more financially savvy and superior than humans. As a ruling class with a new hierarchy on the food chain of life, the Doggs recognized and embraced their differences with one another and were determined to protect their new way of life.

In the Doggs’ Dogg-eat-Dogg world, they are divided into different breeds of Doggs who either love, embrace, fight, kill, or sometimes all of these. Their land is ruled by love or violence. As a civilization, there is always a grandiose demonstration of morality over the other. In the state of Doggtalk, every Dogg must answer and live by the choice of being a Lover or a Gangster. Despite accepting their diversity, there is hardly a middle ground to embrace being a Lover or a Gangster.

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DoggTalk NFT is a limited collection where the token doubles as a membership to the world of DoggTalk.